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  • Certified to ISO 9001:2008
  • Certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2005
  • Compliant to EN 15038:2006
  • Certified to ISO 13485:2003
  • Compliant to ISO 14971:2007
  • Compliant to ISO 17100:2015

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Localization Testing

When you’re selling your software to multiple international market channels, you know how important it is that your software directly addresses the needs of your users in each target language. It’s a complex process, requiring expert skills and resources. That’s why so many companies rely on Merrill Brink International.

Merrill Brink provides responsive, reliable localization testing for many Global 2000 companies. Our localization testing services are backed by more than 35 years of experience.

A trusted localization testing partner with 35+ years’ experience in 100+ languages

Merrill Brink is recognized for its superior localization testing services, which consist of:

  • Internationalization Testing – Our experienced test team can work with product developers to identify and eliminate core functional issues relating to the Internationalization of a product
  • Localizability Testing - Our test team can test pseudo-localised UI to verify that the user interface of the software can be easily adapted and translated to any target language without re-engineering or code modifications 
  • Localization UI Testing – Process of testing which seeks to identify cosmetic defects in localised product, i.e. untranslated text, string truncations, misalignments etc.
  • Linguistic Testing – Verifies translation accuracy of localized text in running software and in context in comparison with the source product. (performed by qualified native speakers)
  • Localization Functional Testing – Process of testing the localized product to identify, report and regress any functional defects which may be caused by the Localization effort

Additional localization testing services

Not only do we perform localization tests, we also offer the following value-added testing services:

  • Test planning
  • Test kit preparation
  • Testing and bug management

All localization tests are managed by in-house QA engineers and can be executed on high-performance hardware in our fully equipped test lab. Multi-platform software testing services are provided in virtual and traditional physical machine environments. Our image library contains the latest localized platforms in all major languages including:

  • Microsoft Windows (all versions)
  • SuSE, RedHat, Ubuntu Linux
  • Apple Mac
  • SUN Solaris
  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari

Test Models

We work with a number of different test models that can be adapted for each project/client.

Robust ISO standards for quality systems and risk management

Merrill Brink International is committed to quality and risk management. We are certified to ISO 9001:2008; ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and ISO 13485:2003, and compliant to ISO 17100:2015, EN 15038:2006 and ISO 14971:2007. Together, these standards provide assurance that the most stringent process and quality standards for translation and testing are followed.

Therefore Merrill Brink uses an ISO-compliant process oriented test methodology.

To ensure quality of software products and related technologies, Merrill Brink test team performs the following 3 key testing activities:

  • QA Scope Analysis 
  • QA Preparation 
  • QA Execution

Choose an industry leader for localization test services

When you need an expert localization testing services, choose the market leader – Merrill Brink International.

Contact Merrill Brink today.

Merrill Brink International, a leading language services provider with more than 30 years of experience, offers comprehensive, scalable internationalization, localization and globalization services for global companies. Our services include professional business translation, document translation, technical translation, website translation and more. We provide expert software localization and website localization services, supported by comprehensive testing services, including software testing and website testing. Merrill Brink is a recognized leading provider of software translation, medical translation and automotive translation. We also offer extensive legal document translation services including legal document review and machine translation. Contact us for more information.