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Litigation Translation

Legal matters are becoming increasingly international in scope every day, making litigation translation more important than ever. Without the right support, litigation translation can dramatically increase the discovery time frame. It can add significant costs to a litigation matter. More importantly, it can compromise the outcome of the case.

That’s why so many companies and law firms rely on Merrill Brink.

Merrill Brink – a leading litigation translations provider with more than 35 years’ experience in 100+ languages

Merrill Brink provides expert translation for a broad range of materials. We provide a range of translation solutions:

• Certified or Sworn translations  • Language identification
• Foreign language optical character recognition (OCR) • Summary translation
• For informational purposes only translation (FIPO) • Machine translation
• Key word translation  

We also offer solutions to sort, manage and reduce large document collections to identify only those documents that are relevant/responsive. We can help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective use of translation solutions for your project. 

Specialized project management for legal matters

Merrill Brink is recognized in the industry for taking a consultative approach to every project and customizing our services to meet our clients’ needs. As a value added partner, we offer solutions designed to save time and cost by filtering foreign language document collections so that only those deemed essential to the case are formally translated. Our ability to interact with in-house staff or third party e-discovery vendors ensures a smooth integration of translations with processing, hosting and review. Our software tools streamline the process for our clients and accelerate turnaround. We will help you contain costs while ensuring that essential documents are translated accurately and on time.

When you have litigation translation deadlines that must be met, choose a trusted leader in the litigation translation marketplace—Merrill Brink International.

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Merrill Brink International, a leading language services provider with more than 30 years of experience, offers comprehensive, scalable internationalization, localization and globalization services for global companies. Our services include professional business translation, document translation, technical translation, website translation and more. We provide expert software localization and website localization services, supported by comprehensive testing services, including software testing and website testing. Merrill Brink is a recognized leading provider of software translation, medical translation and automotive translation. We also offer extensive legal document translation services including legal document review and machine translation. Contact us for more information.