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Intellectual Property (IP) Translation

Expert intellectual property translations by the industry experts

Every day, law firms and companies of all sizes rely on Merrill Brink for accurate, efficient and confidential intellectual property translation services.

A leading legal translation provider in 100+ languages with 35+ years’ experience, we understand the intricacies of intellectual property translation. We routinely provide expert translations on a broad range of materials including technical documents, patent applications and examination reports, petitions, abstracts, claims, prior art and more. Whether it is patent prosecutions or litigation, our clients include companies in many major industries, including:

• Aeronautics and space • Pharmaceuticals
• Chemical • Manufacturing
• Information Technology • Biotech
• Life Science  

For every project, Merrill Brink provides its clients with a dedicated project team including accredited subject matter experts and senior linguists experienced in intellectual property translation work.

Intellectual property translation options

Merrill Brink offers a range of translation services including:

• Certified or Sworn translations  • Language identification
• Foreign language optical character recognition (OCR) • Summary translation
• Multilingual lawyer or attorney review services • Machine translation
• For informational purposes only translation (FIPO)

We also offer alternatives to sort, manage and reduce large document collections so that you only translate those documents relevant to your needs. Our specialists can help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective translation methods for your project.

Specialized project management for intellectual property translation

Our best practices in intellectual property translation services include native-speaking linguists with subject-matter expertise; dedicated client-specific project management teams; an unwavering commitment to deadlines and quality; and strict adherence to confidentiality. Our experienced project managers can help you minimize costs while ensuring accurate, on-time delivery of translations.

Our philosophy – service beyond expectations

When you need expert support on intellectual property translations, choose an acknowledged leader in the legal translation marketplace—Merrill Brink International. 

Merrill Brink International, a leading language services provider with more than 30 years of experience, offers comprehensive, scalable internationalization, localization and globalization services for global companies. Our services include professional business translation, document translation, technical translation, website translation and more. We provide expert software localization and website localization services, supported by comprehensive testing services, including software testing and website testing. Merrill Brink is a recognized leading provider of software translation, medical translation and automotive translation. We also offer extensive legal document translation services including legal document review and machine translation. Contact us for more information.